Soft Tanguis Cotton

    Introducing our exclusive Tanguis Cotton Collection, crafted from 100% soft, natural Peruvian cotton yarn sourced from the Southern Valleys of Peru.

    Our garments, in their natural hue, feature playful knitted patterns and hand-embroidered elements to enhance your little one's sensory development and connect them with nature!

    Knitted Tangüis Cotton

    We specialize in working with 100% natural tanguis cotton. We get the yarn from the Southern Peruvian Valleys and knit our own fabrics creating special patterns within our machines.

    Then we continue with our artisanal process of steaming our fabrics before continuing with the confection of the garments.

    Our garments are made by Peruvian talented seamstresses and artisans that hand embroider beautiful designs inspired by nature.

    We want to bring up a smile whenever a kid sees our fun details!

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