Our Reason To Be

Kids are natural explorers, always eager for new adventures. At Liten Aventuris, we take inspiration from life's greatest adventure - childhood itself. We encourage children to play, enjoy and explore the beauty of our natural world 🌎.

Our artisanal collections are inspired by nature, featuring colorful handmade designs that bring smiles to their faces.

Join us in celebrating the joyful adventure of being a parent 🧡.

From Inspiration to creations

At Liten Aventuris, we're a Peruvian family business inspired by kid's playfulness.
From inspiration to creation we take pride in our unique supply chain, in Peru. With fun, handmade, nature-inspired details, we craft comfortable, high-quality clothing that looks and feels fantastic!

Liten Aventuris: Ethically Produced, Handmade with Care, Sustainable Materials, Natural Cotton. Liten Aventuris: Etiskt producerat, handgjort med omsorg, hållbara material, naturlig bomull.