Garments with Artisanal Value

Hello, little fashion explorers! 🌟 Welcome to Liten Aventuris, where Peruvian sustainable fashion meets family passion.

We're a family business devoted to eco-friendly clothing. Our mission? Creating clothes that matter 🌿.

Picture this: comfy knitted tanguis cotton and charming flat-knitted tocuyo cotton. Each fabric has a tale, and we're skilled at bringing their stories to life.

Come peek behind the scenes. See the love and labor that go into every piece. Liten Aventuris is more than fashion; it's a story. Join us on this extraordinary journey!

Knitting Artistry: Inspired by Nature

Nature's Influence in Knitted Fabrics

Knitting Tanguis Cotton: From Nature to Fashion

In Peru's Southern valleys, we find the softest 100% natural tanguis cotton yarns.

Special machines in our workshop knit these yarns into fabrics. Our designs take inspiration from nature and geometric shapes, programmed into our machines.
These machines bring our tanguis cotton fabrics to life, one stitch at a time.

From nature to clothing!

Knitting Tanguis Cotton: From Nature to Fashion. Liten Aventuris sustainable knitted tanguis cotton childrens clothing line.

Garments that breathe

We steam our fabrics before their confection to prevent the clothes from shrinking
Crafting with Steam, the Liten Aventuris way. Childrens ecological, artisanal and sustainable clothing brand.

Crafting with Steam, the Liten Aventuris way

Natural materials like cotton can naturally shrink. To prevent this, we use a unique steaming process before crafting our garments.

Our custom steaming technique involves using wooden planks as ´artisanal irons´. We take care when pressing these planks to preserve the knitting pattern's shape. The fabric absorbs the steam and heat, and the gentle pressure helps it settle into place.

Once the humidity dissipates, the fabric attains its proper dimensions. That's why we proudly say our garments ´breathe´.

Careful Stitching

Every garment meticulously sewn

The Art of Cutting and Sewing

After resting and shrinking to the right knitted pattern, our fabrics are ready for use. Then, we carefully lay out the patterns and cut each piece needed for our clothes.

Our skilled seamstresses take over from there. They use their hands and sewing machines to put pieces together, making sure everything looks just right. It's all about paying close attention to the little details and doing it with care.

That's how we make our clothes special!

The Art of Cutting and Sewing. Liten Aventuris confection process. Childrens sustainable clothing line from Peru. BarnklÄder hadjorda.

Handmade & Artisanal work

Unique handmade embroidery & details that bring life to each garment

Skilled Hands, Artistic Details

At this stage, we add unique details to our clothes. Some are hand-embroidered by our artisans, while others come to life by our skilled seamstresses using sewing machines.

Patience and precision are key to turning each piece into a work of art, ensuring that every garment is special.

Our designs, inspired by nature, aim to bring joy to children who wear Liten Aventuris clothes.

Skilled seamstresses and artisans create unique Liten Aventuris details for joyful kid's fashion. Handgjorda ekologisk barnkläder.

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