More than just a Team. A Family.

Liten Aventuris is a cherished family-owned business, where our collaborators are more than just a team; they're part of our extended family. Within this close-knit (pun intended!) family, we're proud to include a group of talented women artisans who lovingly hand-embroider our garments 🧡🧶.


Workshop in Peru

At the heart of our company is the Alania family. In the year 2000, Milagros and Oscar Alania started our journey in Lima, Peru. Starting small, we've grown over the years, welcoming mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons from less fortunate areas in Lima into our team.

Our team is made up of talented artisans who have joined us to learn and create. We work together in the textile industry, weaving stories of creativity and empowerment.

In our Lima workshop, magic happens. We've built our own production line, where every step is a work of art. From weaving our soft cotton fabrics to crafting each garment, and from the careful ironing to the final packaging of our collections, we our hearts into every detail.

Our dedication begins at the very start and extends to the very last thread of each item. Quality isn't just a goal; it's our commitment.

Eko Alania AB

Point of Sales in Sweden

Starting in December 2022, Angela Alania set up our Sales Office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This serves as our main hub for managing e-commerce handling logistics, and connecting with international retailers and customers.


Administration manager & Logistics


General Manager & Marketing


Sales Manager Nordic Region


Seamstress Leader

Aitana - Puqui

Muse & Model - Office Motivator


Designer & Pattern Maker

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